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Best Practices for Blogs and Wikis

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Listed below are some of the great uses of wikis & blogs in the classroom



  • Using a classroom blog as a parent newsletter 
  • Having each student be responsible for recording notes
  • Administrative blog to create community within a school for faculty to hear different voices from other faculty - (e.g., a book club for literature professors, topic of the day for faculty)
  • Current events - topic of the week - where each student has to write a comment of that event
  • Thoughts of what was good and what was bad on field trips with the understanding 
  • Correct a bad lab report for science class
  • Have a student book club
  • Create a tech blog for department members to comment on various technology
  • Having a team blog to upload videos and discuss particular plays
  • Math-problem solving blog
  • Convert a webquest into a blog with student records and assigning different roles
  • Blog of games and new activities for the a physical education class
  • Emulate the writing style of a writer
  • Communicate with parents
  • personal development
  • edublogs.org
  • Student self reflection





  • Creating a collaborative study guide for review
  • Collaborative notes
  • Discovering cultural differences
  • A teaching tool
  • students create their own wikipedia
  • Literature response, poetry reading circles, analogies
  • Anti-drug wiki for Life Skills class where students select a drug and conduct research
  • Periodic table wiki where each student can select an element to create a multimedia analysis
  • A glossary page for students to create definitions
  • Create a newsletter for parents where students can dictate text and pictures within the wiki
  • Present a problem in a math class that students would work on for homework - introduce the problem in class and reinforce their knowledge of the question with supplements contained in the wiki
  • Students collaborate to work on script-writing
  • Have clubs work on a project together
  • Serve as a place for graduates to stay in touch
  • Create a "where in the world game" for a geography class where each student has a page tp create a list of clues on each page; connect with a Google Earth tour
  • Create self-help site for technology departments for troubleshooting hardware
  • Election wiki for pages on each candidate
  • Dividing students into groups at the beginning of the year and each group creates review information for unit and final exams
  • Create wiki for the science teachers where students can download labs and teachers can edit
  • Expand on particular units in a wiki
  • Place for kids to write ideas on test preparation and studying habits -- place for teachers to post old tests, such as SATs
  • Liturature circles
  • Foreign language students edting each others grammer and vocab
  • world religion project
  • students responding in character


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