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Web 2-0

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Great Directories for Web 2.0 Sites

Go 2 Web 2.0

Schalman's Delicious links on Web 2.0

Web 2.0 in schools

Cool Tools for Schools

Downloadable book on  Amazing Web 2.0 Projects



Some Favorite Web 2.0 Sites for educators

Delicious for social boomarking

Voicethread for digital storytelling and combining comments and images

Bubbleply for editing youtube by adding bubbles and labels

Blabberize for creating talking pictures

Bubbleshare for creating online photo albums

Youtube for a multitude of useful video clips

Glogster for multimedia collages

Doink for creating animated scenes

Pixlr for an online Photoshop experience

Slideshare for uploading PowerPoints to then embed in a blog or wiki 

Capzles for creating multimedia timelines

Dipity for creating multimedia timelines

Studiyo for creating quizzes to embed in a blog or wiki

Wordle for generating word clouds

Our Delicious links about Web 2.0

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